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               Q.   That was purchased by whom?                                       
               A.   Through Mr. Hall.                                                 
               Q.   Was that somehow related to what you were supposed to             
                    have received as income?                                          
               A.   It would have been part of it.  Yes.  I would have had            
                    owned part of it.                                                 
               Q.   So, is it true that the amount of cash might not                  
                    necessarily reflect the total amount of income you                
               A.   Say that again now?                                               
               Q.   Is it true that the amount of cash you received may not           
                    necessarily be the amount of income that was reportable           
                    by Mr. Hall?                                                      
               A.   Correct.                                                          
               Q.   And you testified, I believe, that you didn't know how            
                    much that was?                                                    
               A.   Right.                                                            
               Q.   And the correct numbers are going to depend upon how              
                    much of these expenses Mr. Hall was going to charge to            
                    you versus charging to himself?                                   
               A.   Right.                                                            

               It appears from petitioner's testimony that he is asserting            
          that it was impossible for him to estimate the amount of income             
          received from Mr. Hall because, in addition to the large amounts            
          of cash that petitioner received directly from Mr. Hall, some               
          unknown amount was also paid by Mr. Hall on petitioner's behalf             
          to some undisclosed third party.  This vague testimony is                   
          inconsistent with the statement petitioner made in his signed               

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Last modified: May 25, 2011