Estate of Juanita F. Sirmans, Deceased Dan L. Sirmans, Executor - Page 23

                                       - 23 -                                         

             and Mr. Wegman testified, that the uncertainty of the road               
             project at that time made it difficult to sell the property              
             and temporarily decreased the property's value.  This is                 
             confirmed by that fact that Mr. Sirmans received no offer                
             to purchase the property as a result of the marketing                    
             efforts of Wegman Realty from late 1989 through the date of              
                  The BAAS appraisal purports to value the property as                
             of June 18, 1990.  However, the appraisal makes clear that               
             BAAS did not take into account the road project.                         
             Assumption No. 5 of the appraisal states as follows:                     

                  We have valued the subject in its current con-                      
                  dition, prior to an announced taking of right-                      
                  of-way for a 122' wide strip connecting Gunn                        
                  Highway and Sheldon Road that will transverse                       
                  the subject.                                                        

             It is evident, therefore, that the BAAS appraisal fails to               
             take into consideration a significant factor that bears on               
             the value of the decedent's property as of the date of                   

             Fishback Appraisal                                                       
                  The Fishback appraisal utilized a three-step process                
             in arriving at the market value of the 4.83 acres to be                  
             acquired for the proposed right-of-way, including damages                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011