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                    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that                  
               said sum be paid for not less than ten (10) years                      
               commencing July, 1987, and each first (lst) day of the                 
               month thereafter; provided, however, that upon the                     
               expiration of * * * [petitioner's] child support                       
               obligation, the amount of alimony to be paid to * * *                  
               [Mary Kay Nelson] by * * * [petitioner] shall be                       
               increased the next following month and each month                      
               thereafter to the sum of One Thousand Six Hundred                      
               Dollars ($1,600.00), together with two per cent (2%)                   
                    The above alimony obligation shall terminate upon                 
               the death of * * * Mary Kay Nelson.  * * * [Petitioner]                
               shall provide and maintain a policy of decreasing                      
               principal term life insurance upon his life in an                      
               amount equal to the decreasing balance of the alimony                  
               obligation set forth above.  Mary Kay Nelson shall be                  
               named as beneficiary on said policy.                                   
                    Pursuant to the agreement of the parties hereto                   
               * * * Mary Kay Nelson, hereby waives and releases any and              
               all rights to further or additional sums of alimony to be              
               paid by * * * [petitioner].                                            

          In separate sections of the divorce decree, personal and business           
          marital property was divided between petitioner and his former              
               Apparently, Mary Kay Nelson remarried and became employed              
          after the effective date of the divorce decree.  Based upon those           
          reasons, petitioner sought relief from above-cited alimony                  
          provisions of the divorce decree.  In 1989 he filed a motion for            
          relief in the court that issued the divorce decree (the divorce             
          court).  His motion was denied upon the ground that the divorce             
          court no longer had jurisdiction over the matter.  In an order              
          filed June 11, 1989, denying petitioner's motion, the divorce               

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