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          issued by the trial court provided for permanent alimony payable            
          to Frances Ryan as follows:                                                 
                    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the                       
               Plaintiff, W. GREGORY RYAN, shall pay to the Defendant,                
               FRANCES RYAN, for her support and maintenance, the sum                 
               of SEVEN HUNDRED ($700.00) DOLLARS per month, in                       
               advance, commencing January 5, 1990, for January,                      
               February, March and April of 1990, and commencing                      
               May 5, 1990, the sum of TWO HUNDRED FIFTY ($250.00)                    
               DOLLARS PER WEEK, and continuing thereafter until the                  
               death or substantial change in circumstances, or until                 
               further order of this Court having competent                           
               jurisdiction.  This alimony shall be paid through the                  
               Friend of the Court consistent with the provisions                     
               hereinafter found dealing with payment of support.                     
               In 1991, Gregory Ryan appealed the Judgment of Divorce to              
          the Michigan Court of Appeals (court of appeals) on the grounds             
          that the alimony granted by the trial court was in excess of the            
          alimony requested by Frances Ryan.  In the divorce proceedings,             
          Frances Ryan had asked for alimony for a term of 8 years, yet the           
          Judgment of Divorce provided alimony until Frances Ryan's death             
          or a substantial change in circumstances.                                   
               The court of appeals rendered a per curiam opinion dated               
          May 8, 1991, finding that the trial court's alimony award was               
          improper and remanded the matter to the trial court "for                    
          modification of the divorce judgment to reflect an alimony award            
          of $250 a week for eight years."                                            
               At trial and in the stipulation of facts, Gregory and                  
          Patricia Ryan objected to the admission into evidence of the                
          court of appeals opinion on the grounds of hearsay, relevance,              

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