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          limited to no more than 8 years rather than continued                       
          indefinitely until death or a change in circumstances.  This is             
          consistent with the court of appeals' use of the terms "permanent           
          alimony" and "alimony for eight years".                                     
               Furthermore, the court of appeals refers to the 8 years of             
          payments as "alimony" in several places throughout the opinion.             
          We presume the court of appeals uses words of appropriate legal             
          meaning.  We do not believe the court of appeals would use the              
          word "alimony" when referring to the payments made from Gregory             
          Ryan to Frances Ryan if it did not intend for the termination               
          upon death language to remain part of the final judgment of                 
               Alimony is defined under Michigan State law as payments                
          which:  (1) Qualify as "alimony or separate maintenance" pursuant           
          to section 71(b); and (2) terminate upon the death of the payee             
          spouse.  See Couzens v. Couzens, supra.  By using the word                  
          "alimony" in its opinion, we believe the court of appeals                   
          intended for the payments to satisfy the requirements for alimony           
          under Michigan State law.  To read anything else into the court             
          of appeals opinion would be presumptuous and inconsistent with              
          the plain language of the opinion.                                          
               Gregory and Patricia Ryan in their reply brief requested               
          that the Court order that respondent pay them $15,000 toward                
          their costs and attorney's fees.  Rule 231 provides that any                

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