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          and the best evidence rule.  The best evidence objection was made           
          because the document submitted was a photocopy, not a certified             
          copy of the opinion.  Rule 1002 of the Federal Rules of Evidence            
                    To prove the content of a writing, recording, or                  
               photograph, the original writing, recording, or                        
               photograph is required, except as otherwise provided in                
               these rules or by Act of Congress.                                     
          Rule 1005 of the Federal Rules of Evidence further provides:                
                    The contents of an official record, or of a                       
               document authorized to be recorded or filed and                        
               actually recorded or filed, including data compilations                
               in any form, if otherwise admissible, may be proved by                 
               copy, certified as correct in accordance with rule 902                 
               or testified to be correct by a witness who has                        
               compared it with the original.  If a copy which                        
               complies with the foregoing cannot be obtained by the                  
               exercise of reasonable diligence, then other evidence                  
               of the contents may be given.                                          
          See Fed. R. Evid. 902(4).                                                   
               Respondent subsequently substituted for the photocopy of the           
          court of appeals opinion a certified copy of the opinion as                 
          required by rules 1005 and 902 of the Federal Rules of Evidence.            
          We therefore overrule Gregory and Patricia Ryan's objection based           
          on the best evidence rule.                                                  
               We also overrule their hearsay and relevance objections.  On           
          the basis of rule 201(b) of the Federal Rules of Evidence, we               
          find that the opinion may be admitted under the doctrine of                 
          judicial notice.  A court may take notice of another court's                
          order for the limited purpose of recognizing the judicial act               

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