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            his family’s relocation from Paris to Massachusetts.  Petitioner                           
            ceased actively working for and receiving a salary from Millipore,                         
            S.A.; he did, however, continue to receive a French pension. (On                           
            February 2, 1996, petitioner became a U.S. citizen.)  In his new                           
            position, petitioner managed the sales operations of Millipore’s                           
            subsidiaries. Approximately 2 years later, petitioner was promoted                         
            to president of Millipore’s analytical group.                                              
                  On December 22, 1989, petitioner was promoted to president of                        
            MilliGen/Biosearch, a startup division of Millipore (with $16                              
            million in sales and $20 million in losses).  This promotion was                           
            announced in a general distribution memorandum, which stated in                            
            relevant part:                                                                             
                  This election is evidence of the critical role Alain                                 
                  plays in the leadership of the corporation, and of the                               
                  diverse management responsibilities he has successfully                              
                  undertaken in his many years of service with Millipore.                              
                  He has been an important leader directing the evolution                              
                  of our European business.  He has also been instrumental                             
                  in the success of the Analytical Group, where he                                     
                  strengthened the management team and helped groom his own                            
                  successor as president. And now, as president of                                     
                  MilliGen/Biosearch, he has assumed one of our most                                   
                  difficult managerial assignments in a business that is                               
                  vital to our future.                                                                 
                  On August 23, 1991, petitioner was promoted to Millipore’s                           
            corporate vice president of marketing.  Petitioner was responsible                         
            for marketing, promotion, public relations, merger and                                     
            acquisitions, new business development, and long-range planning for                        
            the entire company.  (Petitioner held this position at the time he                         

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