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            on the condition he did not accept a position with a competitor                            
            during that period.  The letter further stated that should                                 
            petitioner accept employment with a competitor, Millipore reserves                         
            the right to terminate petitioner’s monthly salary payments as well                        
            as his right to exercise his stock options.                                                
                  Shortly after the meeting with Mr. Gilmartin, Millipore’s vice                       
            president of human resources instructed petitioner to turn in his                          
            company badge and keys.  After doing so, petitioner met with an                            
            out-placement representative and then was asked to leave the                               
            building.  Petitioner took a few personal items from his desk,                             
            placed them in a box, and walked out of the building. Petitioner                           
            was very distressed and considered suicide.                                                
                  At midday, Millipore employees from around the world                                 
            telephoned petitioner, inquiring about a general distribution                              
            memorandum (issued that day) that announced his departure from the                         
            company.  The memorandum read:                                                             
                  The history of Millipore is full of individuals who have                             
                  shaped the success of our company.  Alain Massot most                                
                  certainly has been among the most significant of these                               
                  people. In recent months, however, it has become                                     
                  increasingly apparent to Alain that his interests were                               
                  not being fully satisfied within our organization.                                   
                  I am sorry to report that Alain will be leaving Millipore                            
                  this month.  I have every confidence that he will be                                 
                  greatly successful in whatever endeavors he chooses.                                 
                  Alain departs Millipore with my sincere thanks and with                              
                  the best wishes of all of us.                                                        

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Last modified: May 25, 2011