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                                                - 7 -                                                  
            After receiving a copy of the memorandum from a colleague,                                 
            petitioner became even more distraught because it falsely implied                          
            that he (1) had voluntarily resigned, and (2) was dissatisfied with                        
                  On September 25, 1992, petitioner sent Mr. Gilmartin a letter                        
            in which he (1) objected to the circulation of the September 22                            
            memorandum, and (2) explained that he was still considering the                            
            company’s termination offer.                                                               
            Effect on Petitioner                                                                       
                  Petitioner’s physical and emotional state deteriorated as a                          
            consequence of his termination.  He gained approximately 20 pounds,                        
            his cholesterol level increased, he was diagnosed as having                                
            diabetes, and he lost interest in his marital relations.  He became                        
            obsessed with his employment termination; he avoided leaving his                           
            home and was unable to sleep.                                                              
                  Before his termination, petitioner negotiated deals for                              
            Millipore all over the world.  Following the termination, he lacked                        
            the confidence required for a successful job interview.  He felt he                        
            had been defamed and humiliated before his colleagues and the                              
            entire industry in which he had worked.  Petitioner was never                              
            offered an executive position with a company comparable to                                 
            Millipore.  Ultimately, in January 1999, he was offered, and                               
            accepted, a position as vice president for sales and marketing at                          
            a relatively small company.                                                                

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