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                  Hill House owned and operated an apartment complex                  
             that consisted of an 11-story building containing 188                    
             apartment units, an office suite, a two-level underground                
             parking garage, and a swimming pool.  The apartment complex              
             had been constructed in 1964.  At the time of the                        
             decedent's death, only three of the apartment units in the               
             complex were vacant.  As of December 31, 1992, there was                 
             one mortgage on the property in the principal amount of                  
             $448,544.  The mortgage was payable in monthly installments              
             of $18,406, including principal and interest at the annual               
             rate of 6.25 percent.  The final mortgage payment was due                
             on April 1, 1993.  The parties agree that on the date of                 
             the decedent’s death the fair market value of the apartment              
             complex was $10,050,000.                                                 
                  Hill House is governed by the Hill House Limited                    
             Partnership Agreement of May 1, 1980.  Article IV of the                 
             agreement governs distributions to the partners.  Paragraph              
             4.1 of the agreement gives the general partner sole                      
             discretion to determine when distributions are made.  It                 
             further provides:  “Such distributions shall be made pro                 
             rata to the Partners in accordance with their respective                 
             Percentage Interests.”  Article VII of the agreement                     
             governs the transferability of partnership interests, and                
             paragraph 7.3 thereof gives all partners a right of first                

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Last modified: May 25, 2011