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             held a 1-percent interest in the partnership in that                     
             capacity.  He was also the sole beneficiary of the Paul S.               
             Weinberg Testamentary Trust that had been created under his              
             father’s last will and testament (referred to above and                  
             herein as the Paul Trust).  The Paul Trust had a limited                 
             partnership interest of 14.982 percent in Hill House and                 
             an additional interest of 14.395 percent in Hill House as                
             a copartner of M.E.L. Realty Co.                                         
                  On November 2, 1984, the decedent created an inter                  
             vivos trust, and on February 17, 1989, she substantially                 
             amended it.  The amended trust directed that upon the                    
             decedent’s death the trustees were to distribute all the                 
             decedent’s interests in Hill House to a trust that she had               
             created earlier for the benefit of her son, Mr. Paul S.                  
             Weinberg, and his issue (the Paul Family Trust).  This                   
             distribution was to include the 25.235-percent interest in               
             Hill House held in Trust A, over which the decedent                      
             possessed a general power of appointment.  The decedent’s                
             will states that the decedent exercised her power of                     
             appointment over the subject limited partnership interest                
             as provided in the amended trust.  Her will states as                    
                       I exercise in full the power of appointment                    
                  given to me under Article III of the Last Will                      

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Last modified: May 25, 2011