Estate of Etta H. Weinberg - Page 4

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             refusal under which a partner who wishes to transfer his,                
             her, or its interest in Hill House to a third party must                 
             first offer to sell the interest to the other partners on                
             the same terms and conditions offered by the third party.                
             Paragraph 7.4 of the agreement gives the general partner                 
             absolute discretion to consent to or deny the substitution               
             of a limited partner, unless the purchaser is already a                  
                  The Limited Partnership Agreement sets forth the                    
             following list of partners and the percentage interest of                

                       General Partner               Percentage Interest              
                  Paul S. Weinberg                        1.000                       
                       Limited Partners                                               
                  Trust A                                 25.235                      
                  Paul Trust                         14.982                           
                  Etta H. Weinberg, copartner        14.395                           
                  in M.E.L. Realty Co.                                                
                  Anne K. Gross, copartner           8.648                            
                  of M.E.L. Realty Co.                                                
                  Barbara G. Reines, copartner       8.648                            
                  in M.E.L. Realty Co.                                                
                  Paul Trust, copartner                   14.395                      
                  in M.E.L. Realty Co.                                                
                  Anne K. Gross                      9.390                            
                  Max and Esther S. Oppenheim        3.307                            

                  As shown above, the decedent’s son, Mr. Paul S.                     
             Weinberg, was the sole general partner of Hill House and                 

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Last modified: May 25, 2011