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          patients valued at $26,705,911, $31,287,743, and $33,449,669,               
               Health Services’ hospital division employed approximately              
          120 physicians separate and apart from Health Services’ physician           
          division described below.  Hospital division physicians provided            
          hospital-based services such as radiology, pathology, and in some           
          cases emergency services.                                                   
               2.  The Physician Division                                             
               As of December 31, 1999, the physician division employed               
          approximately 300 primary care physicians (general internists,              
          family practitioners, and pediatricians) and 100 specialist                 
          physicians (cardiologists, urologists, obstetricians-                       
          gynecologists, radiologists, and surgeons).  These physicians               
          generally practiced in Health Services’ clinics and other                   
          community-based settings.  The physician division also provided             
          various ancillary and support services such as diagnostic imaging           
          and laboratory services for patients treated in Health Services’            
               The physician division performed the physician credentialing           
          function for Health Services’ hospitals and IHC’s various health            
          maintenance organizations (described below).  All physicians who            
          were granted privileges to practice medicine at Health Services’            
          hospitals were also qualified to act as participating providers             
          for IHC’s health maintenance organizations.                                 

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Last modified: May 25, 2011