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          Care, and Group shared many of the same corporate officers and              
          trustees.  IHC and its affiliates conducted their strategic                 
          planning, established their priorities, and attempted to                    
          implement their business plans on an enterprise basis, even                 
          though each entity had its own management team and budget.                  
          II.  Petitioner’s Operations                                                
               A. In General                                                          
               Petitioner operated as a State-licensed HMO offering health            
          plans known as SelectMed, SelectMed Plus, IHC Care, IHC Care                
          Plus, IHC Direct Care, IHC Direct Care Plus, Health Choice, and             
          IHC Access.  Petitioner collected premiums from its enrollees               
          and, as petitioner did not itself provide health care services              
          (as explained below), it arranged for its enrollees to receive              
          comprehensive health care services, including preventive care,              
          outpatient services, inpatient hospital services, emergency                 
          services, out-of-area services, and miscellaneous services such             
          as ambulance and pharmacy services.                                         
          Petitioner, Care, and Group marketed several different                      
          health plans encompassing a range of health services at varying             
          prices.  Petitioner offered its various health plans to:  (1)               
          Individuals and their families; (2) employees of both large                 
          employers (more than 50 employees) and small employers (2 to 50             
          employees); and (3) individuals covered by Medicaid.                        

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Last modified: May 25, 2011