Andantech L.L.C., Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc. (f.k.a. Norwest Equipment Finance, Inc.), Tax Matters Partner, and Wells Fargo & Co., A Partner Other Than the Tax Matters Partner, et al. - Page 36

                                       - 17 -                                         
          proposed sale-leaseback transaction, as well as a financial                 
          analysis (the September Projections), which consisted of economic           
          projections relating to the transaction:  one projection was                
          premised upon the assumption that Comdisco would exercise an early          
          termination option,9 while the other was premised upon the                  
          assumption that Comdisco would not.  The assumptions as to the              
          residual values were identical to the forecasts set forth in the            
          appraisal of the equipment dated September 28, 1993, provided by            
               The following charts set forth the economic projections with           
          respect to the proposed purchasing partnership (charts 1-8) and to          
          the proposed U.S. company partner (charts 9-12):                            

               9    Early termination dates and final termination dates               
          were specified in the documents.                                            

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