Andantech L.L.C., Wells Fargo Equipment Finance, Inc. (f.k.a. Norwest Equipment Finance, Inc.), Tax Matters Partner, and Wells Fargo & Co., A Partner Other Than the Tax Matters Partner, et al. - Page 44

                                        - 25 -                                          
               The following reflects the projected residual values of the              
          equipment at the early and final termination dates, as set forth in           
          the M&S, MAC, and ARI appraisal reports:                                      
          M&S            MAC             ARI                                            
          Early termination   $44,275,948    $48,442,600     $45,334,670                
          Final termination    25,418,982     34,257,000      26,769,965                
               Ms. Grossman provided copies of the three appraisal reports to           
          NEFI’s attorneys, Messrs. Beadie and Steffen.                                 
               Ms. Grossman discussed the proposed returns of the transaction           
          with Mr. Vandermark, who in turn discussed them with Mr. Thornton             
          (Norwest’s chief financial officer).  Mr. Thornton subsequently               
          approved the transaction.                                                     
               D.   The Foreign Investors                                               
               As outlined in the materials provided to Norwest in June 1993,           
          CIG had discussions with potential Swiss investors, Hans Humbel and           
          Egon Riesterer, regarding the possibility of their involvement in             
          a sale-leaseback transaction.  Messrs. Humbel and Riesterer                   
          proposed to form an entity called Intared for this purpose.  On               
          September 14, 1993, Comdisco sent Ms. Grossman and Faegre & Benson            
          copies of “Articles of Organization for Intared I, Limited                    
          Liability Company”.  Comdisco’s negotiations with Messrs. Humbel              
          and Riesterer, however, terminated in September 1993 because                  
          Comdisco was unwilling to sign the tax indemnity agreement they               
          had proposed.  Immediately thereafter, CIG sought other foreign               
          investors to complete the transaction.                                        

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