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          the Rookery Building on LaSalle Street in Chicago and formed two            
          real estate companies, Baldwin Development Corp. (BDC) and                  
          Baldwin Asset Management Co. (BAMCo.), to restore and manage the            
          Rookery Building.  In May 1989, petitioner incorporated Baldwin             
          Financial Corp. (BFC).  BFC was registered with the Commodity               
          Futures Trading Commission as a commodity pool operator and a               
          commodity trading adviser.  In 1992, petitioner formed a New York           
          general partnership named MC Baldwin Financial to continue BFC’s            
          business as a commodity pool operator and commodity trading                 
          Granot Loma                                                                 
               During 1986 and 1987, petitioners looked sporadically for a            
          vacation home.  Petitioner first learned of the existence of                
          Granot Loma in 1987.  During a family vacation in 1987,                     
          petitioners, accompanied by their children and Mrs. Baldwin’s               
          brother, Pat Matre, and his family, drove to see the property.              
               Granot Loma consisted of approximately 5,000 acres,                    
          including 4 miles of Lake Superior shoreline.  There were two               
          complexes of buildings at Granot Loma, the large log cabin lodge            
          with its associated outbuildings and the old farm complex.  A               
          separate small log cabin which was the original depot for the               
          railroad spur that once serviced the property was also located on           
          the property.                                                               

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