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               The lodge complex was located on Lake Superior and consisted           
          of the large log cabin lodge, a garage, a child’s playhouse, a              
          separate building called the maid’s quarters, a carriage house,             
          and a guest house.  The lodge at Granot Loma had 22 bedrooms                
          arranged in 10 suites.  Because the lodge was sited on a small              
          peninsula, many of the lodge’s rooms faced Lake Superior.2                  
               The old farm complex was located down the road from the                
          lodge complex and consisted of a farmhouse, a caretaker’s house,            
          a barn, a piggery, a manure house, a slaughterhouse, a creamery             
          which had been converted to a pool house prior to 1987, and a               
          pheasant/pigeon house.  The farmhouse and the caretaker’s house             
          were both habitable residences in 1987.  The garage, pool house,            
          and depot were the only other buildings in usable condition in              
          1987.  The remaining buildings were all in need of substantial              
          repairs, renovation, and cleaning.                                          
               The area around Granot Loma was essentially a wilderness               
          area.  The property was forested and contains mature stands of              
          hemlock, maple, pine, birch, cedar, spruce, and poplar.  Included           
          in its acreage was over a mile of frontage on the Little Garlic             

               2The lodge was built in the 1920s by financier Lewis Kaufman           
          in the style of an Adirondack camp.  Visitors during the 1920s              
          and 1930s included Governor Al Smith, actress Mary Pickford, and            
          the pianist and composer George Gershwin.  The deal to build the            
          Empire State Building was finalized at Granot Loma.  By 1987,               
          however, when petitioner purchased Granot Loma, the grand days of           
          Granot Loma were long over; no one had lived in the lodge for               

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