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               Because petitioner thought he might use Granot Loma as a               
          lodge or corporate retreat at some point, his plan for the                  
          restoration included commercial amenities.  For example,                    
          petitioner renovated and equipped the kitchen so that up to 150             
          guests could be accommodated.  Petitioner installed a commercial            
          bar system which dispensed metered shots of liquor and soda                 
          through hoses from a basement storage area.  Furthermore,                   
          heating, electrical, and other major systems were all built to              
          withstand and support commercial use.                                       
               In many other respects, however, Granot Loma’s restoration             
          also reflected petitioners’ intent to use it as a personal                  
          residence for their immediate and extended family, their friends,           
          and other invited guests.  For example, although the renovation             
          of the kitchen included the installation of commercial grade                
          equipment and systems, the kitchen was designed so that it easily           
          could be used by petitioners and their family and friends when              
          they visited Granot Loma.  Petitioners’ renovation of the kitchen           
          included a greenhouse addition which was used as a family dining            
          area.  When Mrs. Baldwin decorated the lodge with help from an              
          interior decorator, she decorated the lodge to be her family                
          home.  Thus, the second floor of the lodge housed a nursery, a              
          children’s play area, a media room, a home office, and a master             
          bedroom for petitioners, along with several other bedrooms used             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011