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          River, considered to have some of the finest rainbow trout                  
          fishing in the State of Michigan.                                           
               Since at least November 1992, Granot Loma’s frontage area              
          has been zoned for recreational structures, the farm area has               
          been zoned for rural residential, another area has been zoned for           
          resource production, and the remaining acreage has been zoned for           
          timber production.3                                                         
          Petitioners’ Acquisition of Granot Loma                                     
               When petitioners’ family and the Matre family first visited            
          Granot Loma in 1987, the two families toured the property with              
          caretaker George Johnson.  During the tour, petitioner, Mrs.                
          Matre, and Mr. Johnson discussed numerous issues, including the             
          history and use of Granot Loma, other potential buyers of the               
          property, and potential business uses of the property, such as              
          for a corporate retreat.  Mr. Johnson also suggested selective              
          logging of the valuable maple trees that grew on the property, as           
          well as other ventures, such as a hunting club that could take              
          advantage of the property’s natural resources.                              
               When petitioner first viewed the lodge, he thought the                 
          property could be restored to its former grandeur.  Within a few            
          days of their first visit, petitioners decided to purchase Granot           
          Loma, and the transaction closed on October 1, 1987.  Petitioners           

               3The record does not reflect the types of activities that              
          would have been allowed by local zoning laws as of the time of              
          purchase, or how they changed, if at all, through November 1992.            

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