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          check to TCM for commissions on those sales.  Petitioner returned           
          the check to NSA, and NSA voided it.  On June 20, 1984, he wrote            
          to NSA on TCM letterhead asking that a new commission check be              
          issued and sent to Camaro at a Hong Kong address.  NSA sent a               
          check to Camaro for $12,328 on June 25, 1984, and Camaro                    
          negotiated it on July 13, 1984.                                             
                    c.   Petitioner’s Representation in 1993 That He Was an           
                         Owner of Camaro                                              
               On September 16, 1983, Intergraph Corp. (Intergraph) of                
          Huntsville bought 147,000 16K computer memory chips from Camaro             
          for $235,200.  Petitioner endorsed the check as “owner” of                  
                    d.   Camaro’s SCB VISA Card                                       
               On November 30, 1985, Choy and petitioner applied to SCB for           
          a VISA card for Camaro.  A November 29, 1985, Camaro board                  
          resolution authorized petitioner to sign on behalf of Camaro with           
          respect to the SCB VISA card.  On December 27, 1985, SCB opened a           
          corporate VISA card account in petitioner's name.                           
               Petitioner was the only authorized user of the SCB VISA                
          card.  He used it in 1987 and 1988.  SCB sent the monthly                   
          statements for the SCB VISA card to petitioner at Camaro's Hong             
          Kong address.  The amounts due were paid from Camaro's HSBC Hong            
          Kong dollar-denominated current account.  Choy canceled                     
          petitioner’s SCB VISA card on August 17, 1989.                              

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