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          agreement), dated January 1, 1987, and executed on September 1,             
          1987, was signed by Maekawa as president of NSA and by petitioner           
          on behalf of Camaro.                                                        
               Under the NSA/Camaro agreement, Camaro agreed to “use its              
          best efforts and skills to sell, promote and generally create a             
          demand for * * * [Shinwas] to * * * [Chrysler]”, in exchange for            
          which it would receive a commission of 5 percent of the net                 
          proceeds of sales of Shinwas by NSA to Chrysler.                            
               Despite the NSA/Camaro agreement, NSA did not deal with                
          Camaro and considered TCM to be its sales representative.  Camaro           
          did not negotiate, price, or set terms relating to the Shinwa               
          transaction and had no role in delivering the Shinwas to                    
          Chrysler.  NSA bought and took title to the radio/cassette                  
          players from Shinwa because Camaro could not take title to or               
          provide financing for $30 million worth of Shinwa cassette                  
               NSA began shipping large quantities of Shinwas to Chrysler             
          in June 1987.  On June 30, 1987, at petitioner’s request, Hideo             
          Wakashita (Wakashita), a mid-level manager of NSA, sent an                  
          internal NSA memo requesting that future commissions on the sale            
          of Shinwas to Chrysler/Acustar be paid to Camaro and sent to                
          petitioner at TCM in Huntsville.                                            
               Choy, on behalf of Camaro, and petitioner, as CEO/president            
          of TCM, signed an agreement (the Camaro/TCM agreement) on August            

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