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          C.   The Sale of Shinwa Radio/Cassette Players to Chrysler                  
               1.   Shinwa Radio/Cassette Players                                     
               NSA supplied electronic and mechanical components from 1983            
          to 1988 for installation on Chrysler vehicles.  One such                    
          component was a radio/cassette player (the Shinwa) manufactured             
          by Shinwa, a Japanese company that had a factory in China.                  
               2.   The NSA/Camaro and Camaro/TCM Agreements                          
               Chrysler’s Acustar division, located in Huntsville,                    
          manufactured components for installation on Chrysler vehicles.              
          NSA supplied Shinwas to the Acustar division.  TCM earned                   
          commissions in 1986 as NSA’s representative for sales by NSA of             
          small quantities of Shinwas to Chrysler.                                    
               In late 1986, Chrysler asked Shinwa to supply all of                   
          Acustar’s radio/cassette players.  Shinwa agreed to supply                  
          radio/cassette players to Chrysler for 3 years beginning in 1987.           
          Chrysler expected to buy $30 million of Shinwas annually.                   
               A draft agreement dated January 1, 1987, relating to the               
          sale by NSA of Shinwas to Chrysler named NSA as the principal and           
          TCM as the representative.  Koichi Maekawa (Maekawa), president             
          of NSA, signed the draft agreement, but petitioner did not sign             
          it.  At petitioner’s request, Camaro, not TCM, was named as the             
          representative.  A sales representative agreement (the NSA/Camaro           

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