James R. and Myrtice L. Peacock - Page 15

                                       - 15 -                                         
               gets in the chair and gets strapped down.  We get the                  
               cockpit clear, meaning you have to take in all other                   
               lines, all the teasers, and all the time, this fish is                 
               running and taking line.  You’ve got your drag backed                  
               all the way off.                                                       
                    The reel has built-in pressure.  And that’s why                   
               you can catch a big fish with 80-pound test is you have                
               to back off and let the fish run and when you realize                  
               that he’s not running, or whatever, you’ve got to reel                 
               like * * * [crazy] to get that line in, until he starts                
               running again.                                                         
                    This fish takes off and he’s running and he jumps                 
               and we know it’s a 400-pound fish.  I mean, we’ve                      
               caught enough fish, we know, you know, we’re not going                 
               to say a one-pound bass is a five-pound bass.  We know                 
               what the size is.                                                      
                    An Myrtice works on the fish and works on the fish                
               and works on the fish and we’re backing down on the                    
               fish and he takes off for his last run and everything                  
               went slack.  And we said, you know, what * * *                         
               happened?   Well, when we reel it in, the dead line,                   
               the hook, the knot came untied.                                        
               As to the second fish, Mr. Peacock testified that                      
          petitioners would have won $350,000 in 1996 had it not got away.            
          Ms. Peacock described the events giving rise to that misfortune             
          as follows during her direct testimony at trial:                            
                    A.  we’re fishing.  It was a spring day.                          
                    THE COURT:  What year?  * * *                                     
                    THE WITNESS:  ‘96.  There was only a few boats                    
               that actually fished out in this area.  It was kind of                 
               like a little secret type thing.  You could catch large                
               fish out there.  You might not get a bunch of hits,                    
               but, you know, there were large fish.                                  
                    This other boat radios over and said, You’re not                  
               going to believe what we just saw.  They were cleaning                 
               out the refrigerator and threw a bucket of clam chowder                
               over.  Well, right in the mess of clam chowder, comes                  

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