James R. and Myrtice L. Peacock - Page 18

                                       - 18 -                                         
                    So what happens is, there’s about 20 minutes to                   
               go.  And we hear on the radio that this boat is hooked                 
                    Q.  Let me stop you, please.  When you say,                       
               there’s 20 minutes to go, what significance does that                  
               have to you?                                                           
                    A.  Well, you have a starting time and a finishing                
               time.  You can’t put the lines in the water--we’re                     
               already on patrol by tournament headquarters.  You                     
               can’t put the lines in the water until they call you                   
               and say, Okay, lines in.  And so everybody, at one                     
               time, throughout the tournament area, puts their lines                 
               in the water.  By the same token, at the end of the                    
               day, they call the end of the day.  And if you show the                
               tape, you will see what happens when we get to the end                 
               of the day.                                                            
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    But it was 20 minutes to go in the fishing day.                   
               We knew we had it won.  If somebody caught a big fish,                 
               there was no way that they was going to be able to get                 
               it in time to get the lines out of the water, to get to                
               the dock.  And, all of a sudden, we hear that this                     
               boat, they called in a hook-up.  And they said, You                    
               know, we got about a 300-, 350-pound fish.  And we                     
               said, Ah, no problem.                                                  
                    Well, this fish takes off running, as we find out                 
               later, when we get to the dock, because ten minutes                    
               later, they call in and they say, We got the fish in                   
               the boat.  And we all say, How * * * did they get that                 
               fish in the boat in ten minutes?  I mean, that just                    
               don’t happen with a killable fish.                                     
                    You can back down on a little fish.  I mean, you                  
               just run the boat backwards as fast as you got the                     
               backbone to run it backwards with the water pouring in                 
               on you, but you don’t do that with a live fish, because                
               that fish will just run away from you.                                 
                    How’d they get the fish in that quick?  Well, when                
               we get back to the dock, we find out.  This fish hooks                 
               up, while they’re clearing all the lines, don’t even                   
               start, he takes off running and he’s skipping across                   

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