James R. and Myrtice L. Peacock - Page 16

                                       - 16 -                                         
               this humongous blue marlin.  Everybody’s kind of                       
               guessing at 1,200 pounds.  I mean, they just worked and                
               worked and never could get it to back up.                              
                    So they radio us to be on the lookout for it and                  
               said, You know, if you find her, you know, you–-if                     
               anybody can catch her, you all can.  Because we were                   
               kind of noted for catching large fish.                                 
                    So we troll around out there for, I’m guessing,                   
               about an hour or so and just, out of the blue, she’s                   
               right there at the back of the boat.  I mean, she’s                    
               huge.  And everybody’s just kind of standing there with                
               their mouth wide open, looking at this fish that’s                     
               right here.  And she is as wide, I mean, as long as the                
               boat’s wide.  And that boat had a 16.3 beam on it.  I                  
               mean, this fish was huge.                                              
                    So she kind of looks around in the spread.  We’ve                 
               got a couple of teasers out, both short and long lures                 
               out there.  And she just kind of has to look around.                   
               No big deal.  And then she comes up and spots a bumper.                
                         *    *    *    *    *    *    *                              
                    Q.  * * * describe what it [a bumper] is.                         
                    A.  It’s normally used to hang off a boat, you                    
               know, on a dock or something.  What we did with them                   
               was, they were painted up with dolphin-type colors.                    
               They were supposed to represent a fish.                                
                    Q.  Go ahead.                                                     
                    A.  And it’s hanging probably ten, twelve feet off                
               on I would say a thousand pound leader.  Well, she                     
               just, you know, just casually eats this thing.  So                     
               we’re, you know, everybody’s going bananas.  And then                  
               she just comes back over and looks at this lure.  And I                
               guess it was dessert.  That’s why I got to calling her                 
               Miss Piggy.                                                            
                    And you know, the reel’s singing and we’re                        
               just--oh, you want me to stop.  I’m sorry.  I got into                 
               my fish story.                                                         
                    Q.  Well, no.  What happened to Miss Piggy?                       

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