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                                       - 17 -                                         
                    A.  We stood there kind of awestruck, you know,                   
               not doing anything?                                                    
                    Q.  Was she on your line?                                         
                    A.  Oh, yes, she was on the line.                                 
                    Q.  How did she get off your line?                                
                    A.  We got in the chair, she’s running, you know,                 
               we’re reeling; we’re backing up, and then she starts to                
               jump.  And it was so amazing to see this fish and I                    
               quit reeling.                                                          
                    Q.  Did she snap the lines?                                       
                    A.  Yes, she came down, broke the line, angler                    
               As to the third fish, Mr. Peacock testified that petitioners           
          would have won $150,000 in 1997 had it only got away.  Mr.                  
          Peacock animatedly described the events surrounding this fish as            
          follows during his direct testimony at trial:                               
                    A.  * * * we was in Grey Harbour, which is in the                 
               lower part of the Harbour Island, which is in the lower                
               part of the Bahamas.  And we were out, it was either                   
               the third or the fourth day of the tournament.  I can’t                
               remember which one.                                                    
                    But we was sitting on a 683-pound fish that we                    
               knew was going to be a tournament winner.  But the                     
               tournament winner is not only predicated on the largest                
               fish, it’s the total pound of fish.  It’s two separate                 
               categories.  The winner is based on pounds of fish.                    
                    And there was a boat out of Fort Lauderdale that                  
               had caught a fish that morning.  And it wasn’t that big                
               a fish.  It was about 300 or so pounds.  And so we’re                  
               sitting on this 683-pound fish, that we had caught                     
               right in the middle of the day.  And we just absolutely                
               knew that we not only had the tournament won, we had                   
               the daily won.                                                         

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