Malcolm I. Lewin and Trina Lewin - Page 11

                                       - 11 -                                         
          Management and principal of Stuart Becker & Co., P.C. (Becker               
          Co.), an accounting firm that emphasized tax matters.  He does              
          not have an engineering background, and he is not an expert in              
          plastics materials or plastics recycling.                                   
               In his practice Becker specialized in tax matters generally            
          and particularly in tax-advantaged investments, so he had                   
          considerable experience involving so-called tax shelter                     
          transactions.  Becker received his B.S. degree in accounting from           
          New York University in 1964 and an M.B.A. in taxation from New              
          York University School of Business Administration in 1973.  He              
          passed the certified public accountancy test in 1967 and was the            
          winner of the gold medal, awarded for achieving the highest score           
          on the examination for the year.  Since early 1966, Becker has              
          practiced as an accountant in the tax area.  From 1964 until                
          1972, he worked for the accounting firm of Touche, Ross & Co.,              
          and in 1972 he joined the accounting firm of Richard A. Eisner &            
          Co. (Eisner Co.) as the partner in charge of the tax department.            
          In 1977, he was the founder and principal owner of Becker Co.               
          Becker learned of the Plastics Recycling transactions in 1981               
          when a prospective client presented him with an offering                    
          memorandum concerning one of the transactions.  Subsequently he             
          organized limited partnerships to offer the Plastics Recycling              
          transaction to his clients and others.                                      

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