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          According to petitioner, Dooskin and his associate Sacco reported           
          favorably on the memorandum.  Petitioner claimed 20 years later             
          that he remembered Dooskin’s saying “that they had reviewed a lot           
          of deals in this time and this was certainly a lot better than              
          many, if not most, of those they had looked at”.  They added,               
          according to petitioner, “that the issue of the value that was              
          assigned to the machines was something to look at more                      
               After discussing the investment with Miller and Dooskin, and           
          then further with Cohen and Feinberg, petitioner was ready to               
          invest in SAB Resource.  When petitioner tried to invest in SAB             
          Resource, however, Feinberg informed him that the investment                
          opportunity had closed.                                                     
               On January 14, 1982, the limited partners of SAB Resource,             
          including Cohen and Feinberg, received a letter from SAB                    
          Management, the general partner of SAB Resource.  The letter,               
          signed by Becker, stated that the transaction contemplated by SAB           
          Resource was complete and distributed a modest initial royalty.             
          On June 7, 1982, SAB Management sent a memo to the limited                  
          partners purporting to update the status of their investment in             
          SAB Resource.                                                               
               In 1982, Feinberg again approached petitioner with an                  
          investment opportunity.  This time the proposal related to SAB              
          Foam.  Petitioner again forwarded the memorandum to Dooskin, who            

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