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               Cohen had met Becker through his relationship with Richard             
          Eisner, Becker’s partner at Eisner Co., and through his                     
          stepbrothers, who were Becker’s clients.  Cohen retained Becker             
          on several occasions as an accounting expert.  In turn, Becker              
          retained Cohen and LFC on various legal matters, including his              
          own divorce.                                                                
               H. Robert Feinberg (Feinberg) attended New York University             
          School of Commerce, Accounts & Finance on a university                      
          scholarship and graduated in 3-1/2 years.  He joined the Naval              
          Reserve while attending Harvard Law School during the Korean War            
          and graduated from the law school in 1953.  He then attended                
          Officer’s Candidate School, received his commission, transferred            
          to the Naval Supply Depot, Bayonne, New Jersey, for supply corps            
          school, and then, at the request of the captain of the base, was            
          assigned to the Naval Supply Depot at Bayonne.  He served 3 years           
          on active duty with the Navy primarily at that Supply Depot in              
          charge of purchasing and contracting.  Within 2 weeks of                    
          separation from service he was hired by the New York law firm of            
          Jacobs & Persinger, and he became a partner there in 1961.                  
          Feinberg had some experience in litigation and taxation, but                
          later his practice focused on corporate financial and commercial            
          transactions.  Feinberg described himself as a member of “the               
          core of the corporate and corporate finance bar within the Wall             
          Street area * * * [that] were fairly well known among each other            

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