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          and * * * were constantly working on deals”.  In 1978, he formed            
          a new firm with an attorney who specialized in real estate                  
          transactions, and later that firm merged with LFC.                          
               Feinberg met Becker through Cohen and developed a                      
          professional relationship with him.  This relationship included             
          referrals between LFC and Becker Co., as well as personal                   
          matters.  Feinberg considered Becker a very bright and                      
          sophisticated accountant.  Becker retained Feinberg to protect              
          his interests as a promoter of SAB Foam.  Becker did not employ             
          Feinberg to represent the partnership but to advise him for his             
          own protection.  Petitioner did not know Becker personally but              
          rather knew of him from his relationship with both Cohen and                
               Herbert Dooskin (Dooskin) received a B.A. in economics from            
          City College of New York and an M.B.A. from Baruch College.  He             
          began his career as a financial accountant in 1962 with Alexander           
          Grant & Co. (Alexander Grant), an accounting firm currently known           
          as Grant Thornton.  He became a partner in 1970, and when he left           
          the firm in 1986 for employment by a client, Dooskin was the                
          managing partner of the New York office and chairman of the                 
          firm’s executive committee.  Dooskin was primarily an auditor and           
          was not a tax accountant.  Dooskin had met petitioner when they             
          were in college, and they served together in the Army.  In 1982,            
          petitioner brought the memorandum to Dooskin for review.  Dooskin           

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