Estate of Eugene E. Stone, III, Deceased, C. Rivers Stone, E.E. Stone, IV, Mary Stone Fraser & Rosalie Stone Morris, Co-Personal Representatives - Page 28

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          result, the local business community, including the customers and           
          the suppliers of the Company and the financial institutions that            
          dealt with it, as well as the Company’s employees, became aware             
          of that litigation and concerned about its impact on them.  The             
          litigation among the children resulted in total legal fees for              
          the parties in that litigation of between $2 million and $3                 
               Throughout the course of the litigation among the children,            
          the children had certain concerns regarding Mr. Stone’s assets              
          and Ms. Stone’s assets (the children’s concerns regarding Mr.               
          Stone’s and Ms. Stone’s assets), which presented potential                  
          grounds for additional litigation among the children.  The                  
          children’s concerns regarding Mr. Stone’s and Ms. Stone’s assets            
          included concerns relating to (1) the management of those assets            
          (a) during their parents’ lives, which became a very serious                
          concern at least as early as the last six months of 1995 when               
          their parents no longer were interested or actively involved in             
          managing such assets, and (b) after their parents died;                     
          (2) certain charitable gifts that Mr. Stone had made, including a           
          gift to Furman University in December 1994 for the design and               

          children, had filed the petition instituting that litigation,               
          disagreed on certain matters, as is evidenced by the fact that at           
          a time not disclosed by the record Ms. Morris, but not Ms.                  
          Fraser, sought to settle that litigation as it pertained to Ms.             
          Morris and her children.                                                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011