Estate of Eugene E. Stone, III, Deceased, C. Rivers Stone, E.E. Stone, IV, Mary Stone Fraser & Rosalie Stone Morris, Co-Personal Representatives - Page 30

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          ular interest in managing that property and envisioned that it              
          would be used some day as a site for religious activities.9  All            
          of the children had a particular interest in the Cherrydale                 
          residence, which had been the site of their home starting around            
          1950 and thereafter while they were living with their parents and           
          which Mr. Stone and the Company decided could serve as a place to           
          house out-of-town business visitors to Stone Manufacturing’s                
          operating facilities located on the Cherrydale property.                    
               Mr. Stone and Ms. Stone found their children’s desires to              
          become actively involved during their parents’ lives in managing            
          certain assets that their parents owned to be consistent with               
          their own wishes.  That is because, as discussed above, at least            
          as early as the last six months of 1995 Mr. Stone and Ms. Stone,            
          although in control of their respective assets, no longer were              
          interested or actively involved in managing those assets.  As a             
          result, the prospect of having their children become actively               
          involved in the management of their respective assets was very              
          appealing to Mr. Stone and Ms. Stone.  To that end, Mr. Stone and           
          Ms. Stone encouraged their children to attempt to come to an                
          agreement among themselves as to the particular assets that each            
          child wanted to become actively involved in managing.  Mr. and              
          Ms. Stone believed that any such agreement, if one could be                 

               9When Ms. Fraser was a child, she spent a lot of time at,              
          and developed a strong connection to, the Cedar Mountain prop-              

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