Estate of Eugene E. Stone, III, Deceased, C. Rivers Stone, E.E. Stone, IV, Mary Stone Fraser & Rosalie Stone Morris, Co-Personal Representatives - Page 33

                                       - 18 -                                         
                    H.   RESIGNATION AS TRUSTEES                                      
                              E.E. Stone, IV, C. Rivers Stone, and                    
                         John Brausch will resign as trustees to fa-                  
                         cilitate the implementation of this Article                  
                         I, effective with the selection of and accep-                
                         tance by the Trustees of the Existing Trusts.                
               With respect to the issues relating to the children’s                  
          concerns regarding Mr. Stone’s and Ms. Stone’s assets, the 1994             
          plan for settlement provided in part as follows:                            
               VI. ESTATE ISSUES                                                      
                    The four children and John Brausch shall                          
                    cooperate in an attempt to have E.E. Stone, III,                  
                    and Allene W. Stone make the following changes in                 
                    their respective estate plans:                                    
                    A.   PREFERRED STOCK                                              
                              E.E. Stone, III, would convey or assign                 
                         directly or indirectly equally to each of the                
                         four children, the right to one-fourth (1/4)                 
                         of the dividends from * * * [his] preferred                  
                         stock for a period of fifteen (15) years                     
                         (which time period is set forth herein to                    
                         allow a proper valuation) and make an immedi-                
                         ate donation of his preferred stock to the                   
                         Stone Foundation, such assignment(s) to be                   
                         effectuated in a tax efficient manner.  There                
                         would be no further charitable donation under                
                         his will.  The Company [defined in the 1994                  
                         plan for settlement as Umbro International,                  
                         Inc., the name of the company resulting from                 
                         a proposed merger of Stones, Inc., and Stone                 
                         Manufacturing] shall be entitled to call the                 
                         preferred stock any time.                                    
                    B.   TESTAMENTARY TRUSTS                                          
                              There would be no trusts for descendants                
                         under E.E. Stone, III or Allene W. Stone’s                   
                         wills.  After E.E. Stone, III’s death, the                   
                         portion of his estate not going to Allene W.                 
                         Stone, after payment of estate taxes, will be                
                         distributed equally and directly to each of                  
                         the four children or that Child’s designated                 
                         beneficiaries.  After Allene W. Stone’s                      

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