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          foundation.  In accordance with Environmental Protection Agency             
          (EPA) air emission permit requirements, CITGO annually inspects             
          the tanks’ external and internal floating roof seals and, every             
          10 years, inspects the external and internal floating roof                  
          mechanisms.  CITGO’s tank inspection schedule is also designed to           
          comply with American Petroleum Institute Standard 653, Tank                 
          Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction (API Standard            
               Repairing corroded tank floors may involve patching or                 
          replacing the corroded floor plates or completely replacing the             
          tank floor.  In some cases, the tanks are lifted off the ground             
          in order to repair the floor underside or to perform foundation             
          repairs.  For example, CITGO has lifted tanks Nos. 2 and 3 at the           
          Vestal, New York, terminal in order to perform foundation                   
          repairs.  When performing foundation repairs, lifting the tank              
          off the ground allows the tank to return to its normal shape.               
          If refined product leakage has occurred, soil remediation may be            
          accomplished by lifting the tank, removing the sand underneath,             
          and replacing the tainted soil with clean soil or, instead of               
          lifting the tank, by cutting out the tank floor in order to reach           
          the soil below it.                                                          
          E.  Tank Relocations                                                        
               In addition to lifting tanks for repair purposes, tanks also           
          are lifted in order to relocate them either within the same                 

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