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          terminal or to a different terminal.  Tank relocations occur for            
          various reasons, such as returning leased land back to the owner,           
          making room for facility expansions, moving tanks closer to the             
          pumping and loading facility, or moving tanks onto a new site.              
          Tank relocations may involve one or more of the following                   
          methods:  The hovercraft technology, the Watson Air Bag                     
          technology, standard trucks and semitrailers, railway tracks and            
          railway bogies, load skates and steel I beams, truck crawler                
          units powered by hydraulics, helicopters,12 barges, floating                
          tanks in water like a ship,13 and dismantling the tank for                  
          reconstruction at the new location.  Ultimately, the amount of              
          time required to perform a tank relocation depends on the method            
          chosen and the conditions at the site.                                      
               1.  The Hovercraft Technology                                          
               The hovercraft technology, or “air lift method”, relocates             
          fully assembled storage tanks.  A crew of seven people can                  
          perform the relocation using this method.  First, the tank must             
          be cleaned and disconnected from any gauges and piping, and                 
          anchoring devices must be welded to the tank.  Second, the site             
          route is prepared to assure that it is level.  Next, the crew               

               12Due to a 20-ton weight limit, helicopters can move only              
          small tanks.                                                                
               13A large tank will float in water between 18 and 24 inches            
          deep.  This relocation method is limited to short distances, for            
          example, across harbors.                                                    

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