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          attaches a flexible skirt to the bottom of the tank.  Large                 
          diesel-powered air compressors pump air under the tank, lifting             
          the tank off the ground as much as 18 inches.  Finally, tractors            
          pull the tank to its new location.  Disconnection from the gauges           
          and piping, ground preparation, air lift relocation, and                    
          reconnection to the gauges and piping system all can be performed           
          in 1 to 2 weeks.                                                            
               Although the hovercraft is an effective method for                     
          relocating tanks intact, the technology has some limitations.               
          Unless the tank rests on a dry, level foundation, and grade                 
          changes do not exceed 2 to 3 percent, the flexible skirt will               
          fold under.  Additionally, because three machines hold the tank,            
          the tank shell may be pulled a little out of shape.                         
               2.  The Watson Air Bag Technology                                      
               Similar to the hovercraft technology, the Watson Air Bag               
          technology relocates tanks intact.  The tank lifting equipment is           
          portable and can be carried to the tank site by one worker.  In             
          order to keep a tank in service as long as possible, before                 
          lifting and moving the tank from its old site, the new foundation           
          is built at the tank’s new site.                                            
               Briefly, the Watson Air Bag technology relocation procedure            
          involves (1) inflating air bags placed under the tank until the             
          tank reaches the desired elevation; (2) connecting the tank to              
          the preferred method of relocation, such as railway track and               

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