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          are posts, stakes, and wires.  A trellising system is set up in             
          rows with various types of wires strung between posts.  Stakes,             
          anchors, staples, gripples and other types of devices are used to           
          stabilize the posts, attach the wires to the posts and to attach            
          various things to the wires in order to train and maintain the              
          grapevines.  During the grape-growing season, wires may be moved            
          or adjusted, and new wires may be added to the existing                     
               Most trellis systems use the same components and vary in               
          configuration depending upon the topography, soil conditions,               
          farming methods (such as mechanical or hand harvesting of grapes)           
          and other factors.  Petitioners use two types of trellising--               
          vertical shoot positioning (VSP) and “T-trellis” design systems.            
          All of the vine trunks are grown to the same height with a VSP              
          trellis system, and the vines grow vertically on the wire.                  
          Petitioners’ approach is not to permit the vines to engulf or               
          grow over the wire so that the wires can be moved and/or replaced           
          in the training of the vines.  A variation on the standard VSP is           
          the “Scott Henry” design where the vines are grown vertically at            
          two, instead of one, levels.  A T-trellis configuration consists            
          of a series of T-shaped posts placed in a line where the wires              
          are attached to the crossarms of the T-posts.  The local                    
          California county’s (Sonoma) taxing authority treats the                    

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