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          in which the grape quality and intensity is improved is to manage           
          the canopy and foliage in an attempt to control sunlight,                   
          temperature, and moisture to the vines.  Trellising is also used            
          to assist in producing the ideal number of vine shoots and                  
          delivering nutrition to the vine.  Some wine grape varietals,               
          such as Zinfandel and Petit Syrah, are grown without the use of             
          trellises.  About one-half of petitioners’ vines are not                    
               When vines in a particular block are being removed and                 
          replaced with new vines, the posts and stakes of the trellising             
          are removed for reuse.  Petitioners have removed stakes and posts           
          and stored them for reuse.  Good-quality wire is removed and                
          coiled for reuse, and worn or rusted wire or parts are gathered             
          up with the removed vines, the vines are burned, and the                    
          remaining wire is sent to recycling and normally not reused.                
          Although time intensive, it is possible to remove and reuse the             
          wire in the trellising.  For an 8- or 9-acre block it takes                 
          approximately a week for a crew (of approximately 4 to 10 people            
          and machines) to dismantle the trellising, irrigation system,               
          remove the vines, and prepare the soil for the next planting.               
          The time could be shorter or longer depending on the size of the            
          crew.  In one instance it took about a week to dismantle an 8- or           
          9-acre block, the vines and unusable parts were piled, and the              

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