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          vines were burned about 30 days later, leaving a pile of wire and           
          metal parts that were taken for recycling.                                  
          Drip Irrigation                                                             
               Drip irrigation systems are used to deliver water and other            
          nutrients to grapevines.  A drip irrigation system is usually               
          designed for a particular block of vines.  Petitioners use drip             
          irrigation systems in connection with trellised vines.                      
          Petitioners’ systems are composed of PVC pipes, plastic tubing,             
          emitters, risers, and other assorted hardware.  The larger supply           
          pipes are 4 to 6 inches in diameter, and there is a series of               
          successively smaller pipes or tubes that ultimately end in drip             
          emitters that deliver water and nutrients to each vine.  A                  
          substantial portion of the pipes and tubes is buried                        
          approximately 2 feet underground and come out of the ground at              
          certain intervals where they are attached to drip lines affixed             
          to wires of the trellis system.  The main lines that come to each           
          field or block can be marked and saved if the vines are removed             
          and the ground ripped.  The remainder of the piping that delivers           
          water and nutrients to the vines is rendered unusable if the                
          ground is “ripped”.  Components of drip irrigation systems are              
          subject to damage and wear, and portions of a system are repaired           
          and/or replaced annually.                                                   
               There was no incidence of the removal of a drip irrigation             
          system separate from the removal of the vines.  When the vines              

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