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                                        - 6 -                                         
          trellises as property used in vineyard development and not as               
          land improvement.                                                           
               Although it may not occur often, trellis systems have been             
          dismantled and components reused in a new location.  Trellising             
          components become damaged, rust and/or wear out and are repaired            
          and/or replaced throughout the year.  The trellising posts,                 
          stakes, wires, etc. are regularly adjusted, tightened, and                  
          replaced to accommodate the training of the vines for maximum               
          grape-growing performance.  Occasionally, trellising may be                 
          removed from a few rows of a block or from an entire block of               
          vines, and the major components are reused.  Grapevines may be              
          removed from a trellis system without damaging the trellis.                 
          Likewise, a trellis system may be removed without damaging the              
          grapevines.  It is also possible to remove the vines and reuse              
          the trellising components for the new vines.  Vines may be                  
          replaced when they become diseased or if a particular varietal              
          becomes unprofitable or unpopular.                                          
               The primary structural components that affix the trellis to            
          the earth are the end and in-line posts which are rammed 2 to 3             
          feet into the ground and stabilized and secured by metal stakes             
          and/or mechanically screwed-in anchors.  The end posts may be               
          metal or wood, the wooden posts are 8 to 10 feet in length, and             
          the wood posts may be pressure treated with chemicals to retard             

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