Code of Virginia - Title 33.1 Highways, Bridges And Ferries - Section 33.1-247 Ferry across Corrotoman River

§ 33.1-247. Ferry across Corrotoman River

The public free ferry across the Corrotoman River, in the County of Lancaster, authorized by the act of the twelfth of March, 1847 shall be kept according to such act, except as in this section provided, that is to say: The Circuit Court of Lancaster may, in its discretion, have the contract for keeping the same let to the lowest bidder for a period of five years and the bonds thereby directed shall be to the County of Lancaster instead of the justices thereof. Furthermore, the ferry shall cross from Merry Point to the upper side of the wharf and canning factory at Ottoman wharf; provided, that the circuit court of the county shall have the right, upon the application of the board of supervisors, to discontinue the ferry if it shall be made to appear that public necessity therefor no longer exists. No such application shall be made unless and until notice thereof, to whom it may concern, be given by publication once a week for two successive weeks in some newspaper published in the county, or having general circulation therein, and by posting copies of the notice at the front door of the courthouse of the county and at both landings of the ferry, such notice to be so posted, and the first publication thereof made, at least thirty days before the day on which the application will be made to the court.

(Code 1950, § 33-171; 1970, c. 322.)

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