Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 28C Vocational Education - Section 28C.18.090 Additional board duties -- Program evaluation by operating agencies

§ 28C.18.090. Additional board duties -- Program evaluation by operating agencies

(1) The board shall specify, by December 31, 1995, the common core data to be collected by the operating agencies of the state training system and the standards for data collection and maintenance required in RCW 28C.18.060(8).

(2) The minimum standards for program evaluation by operating agencies required in RCW 28C.18.060(9) shall include biennial program evaluations; the first of such evaluations shall be completed by the operating agencies July 1, 1996. The program evaluation of adult basic skills education shall be provided by the advisory council on adult education.

(3) The board shall complete, by January 1, 1996, its first outcome-based evaluation and, by September 1, 1996, its nonexperimental net-impact and cost-benefit evaluations of the training system. The outcome, net-impact, and cost-benefit evaluations shall for the first evaluations, include evaluations of each of the following programs: Secondary vocational-technical education, work-related adult basic skills education, postsecondary workforce training, job training partnership act titles II and III, as well as of the system as a whole.

(4) The board shall use the results of its outcome, net-impact, and cost-benefit evaluations to develop and make recommendations to the legislature and the governor for the modification, consolidation, initiation, or elimination of workforce training and education programs in the state.

The board shall perform the requirements of this section in cooperation with the operating agencies.

[1995 c 130 § 4.]

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