Ex parte MOONEY et al. - Page 10

          Appeal No. 95-0057                                                          
          Application 07/775,114                                                      

          pages 9-10].  This argument is completely unconvincing since the            
          examiner relies on Fuwa for this teaching.  The references cannot           
          be attacked individually when the rejection is based upon a                 
          combination of the references.                                              
          Appellants argue that there is no basis for combining the                   
          teachings of Kemppi with Fuwa because Kemppi suggests no need for           
          accounting and Fuwa discloses no controlled access requirements             
          [brief, page 10].  We do not agree with this argument because               
          Fuwa does suggest that access would be controlled based on                  
          whether the card is valid, whether the user is a registered                 
          subscriber or whether the card has been lost or stolen.  Thus,              
          Fuwa clearly suggests that telephone access and call accounting             
          should be combined in a single integrated circuit card.  Fuwa               
          also clearly notes the deficiencies of conventional magnetic-type           
          credit cards, and suggests why an integrated circuit card would             
          be an improvement over such conventional cards.  Thus, Fuwa also            

          provides a basis why any conventional credit card would be                  
          replaced with a similar integrated circuit card.                            
          Appellants argue that the “logic bus interface means” of                    
          claim 1 must be construed in light of the specification and that            


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