Ex parte MOONEY et al. - Page 11

          Appeal No. 95-0057                                                          
          Application 07/775,114                                                      

          neither of the references discloses this means [brief, page 10].            
          The examiner responds that the applied references have a logic              
          bus interface means which renders the claims obvious.  We note              
          that appellants have not identified a single “corresponding                 
          structure” to the logic bus interface means which would not be              
          suggested by the combined teachings of the prior art.  We agree             
          with the examiner that any integrated circuit card which reads              
          data, processes data and writes data will inherently have a logic           
          bus interface means between the processor, the memory and the               
          card reader.  Appellants have not identified any specific                   
          structure which would patentably distinguish their interface                
          means with the interface means of the prior art, and we do not              
          independently find any patentable differences in the apparatus.             
          Appellants make the same arguments with respect to the                      
          rejections on D’Avello and Harris as were made with respect to              
          the rejection using Kemppi.  These arguments are not persuasive             
          for the same reasons discussed above.  Appellants also argue that           
          the conventional credit card systems of D’Avello and Harris would           

          not be used with the Fuwa integrated circuit card because such              
          use would destroy the standard credit card features of D’Avello             
          and Harris.  This argument is not persuasive because Fuwa                   


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Last modified: November 3, 2007