Ex parte MCCONNELL et al. - Page 9

          Appeal No. 95-3891                                                          
          Application 08/066,405                                                      

          (e.g., sound level or channel selection) or an appliance control            
          signal (e.g., lamp on or off).  If it is the latter, the decoder            
          controls the appliance via a control signal sent over the AC                
          power line to an appliance control module 55 (Fig. 1).  As                  
          explained at column 2, line 33 et seq., the remote control                  
          transmitter is put into the appliance control mode by pressing              
          key "9," after which one of keys "1" through "6" is pressed to              
          identify which appliance is to be controlled.  Next, the type of            
          control (e.g., on or off) is indicated by pressing one of keys              
          "7," "8," "9," "CHANNEL UP," or "CHANNEL DOWN."  The appliance              
          control mode is terminated manually by pressing the "RECALL" key            
          or automatically if sixteen seconds pass without activation of a            
                   Harger discloses a microcontroller circuit that can be            
          used in various types of remote control transmitters, including a           
          TV remote control transmitter 10a (Fig. 1), a VCR remote control            
          transmitter 12a (Fig. 1), a video disc player (VD) remote control           
          transmitter 14a (Fig. 1), and a "unified" transmitter 20 for                
          remotely controlling all three types of devices (Fig. 2).                   
          Referring to Figure 3, depending on the type of transmitter in              
          which it is being used, microcontroller output terminals "OUT 1,"           
          "OUT 2," and "IN" are strapped to ground (binary "0") or a source           


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