Ex parte MCCONNELL et al. - Page 10

          Appeal No. 95-3891                                                          
          Application 08/066,405                                                      

          of supply voltage (binary "1") or to each other (col. 6, lines              
                    Reading claim 1 onto the prior art, the "plurality of             
          keys" reads on all of the keys of Platte, Harger, or Kocher.  The           
          claimed "predetermined group of keys each representing a                    
          different one of said different categories of devices" reads on             
          Platte's multi-function keys 3 when they are in the device                  
          selection mode (Fig. 4) and also on the "TV," "VCR," and "VD"               
          keys of Harger's "unitary" remote control transmitter (Fig. 2).             
          However, the examiner has not adequately explained, and it is not           
          apparent to us, how and why the teachings of these references and           
          the factual findings by the previous panel can be combined to               
          satisfy the requirement of claim 1 for (a) memory means that                
          stores, at respective memory addresses, formatting data for at              
          least two devices within the same device category and                       
          (b) addressing means, responsive to activation of one of the                
          plurality of keys following activation of one of the device                 
          selection keys (e.g., the "TV" key) and receipt of an "entry                
          initiate signal," for reading out the specific device formatting            
          data for a selected device (e.g., the particular TV to be                   
          controlled).  In fact, these limitations are not specifically               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007