Ex parte MCCONNELL et al. - Page 11

          Appeal No. 95-3891                                                          
          Application 08/066,405                                                      

          addressed by the examiner, who instead broadly contends it would            
          have been obvious in view of the prior art that                             
                    the keys whether they are distinct key [sic, keys] are            
                    [sic, or] plural function key [sic] can be used as a              
                    predetermined group of keys each representing a                   
                    different device; and after the key selects the device            
                    the same or other keys can select different function              
                    [sic] in view of Harger et al, Kocher et al, and a                
                    suggestion in Figure 4 of Platte et al.  [Answer at 5.]           
          and also that it would have been obvious "to use a single [sic,             
          key] or plural keys to initiate a system and control devices in             
          the system" (Answer at 6).                                                  
                    Nor is it apparent to us how the reference teachings              
          can be (or why they would be) combined to satisfy the memory and            
          addressing limitations of claim 1 or the corresponding steps of             
          claim 2.  As appellants correctly note, Platte does not require a           
          plural-step setup procedure to identify which stored formatting             
          data corresponds to a device category key, because every device             
          to be controlled has a corresponding memory element that is                 
          accessed by activation of its corresponding selection key (e.g.,            
          "TV" in Fig. 4).  Thus, assuming for the sake of argument that it           
          would have been obvious to use Platte's transmitter to control              
          two devices in the same category (e.g., two TVs), each would have           
          a corresponding memory element and selection key (e.g., TV1 and             
          TV2).  In other words, when Platte's keys are in the mode                   


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Last modified: November 3, 2007