Ex parte ERSKINE et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-0550                                                          
          Application 07/960,148                                                      

                    Appellants appealed subject matter is a vehicle                   
          instrumentation apparatus.  Claim 10 is illustrative of the                 
          subject matter on appeal:                                                   
                    10.  A vehicle instrumentation apparatus comprising a             
          deformable mirror device having a matrix of mirrors, each mirror            
          in the matrix individually controllable between at least two                
          states to provide information to a vehicle operator wherein a               
          windshield projects an image of a display created by the                    
          deformable mirror device, wherein the image is projected as a               
          double image due to reflection of the image off of both an inside           
          reflecting surface and an outside reflecting surface of the                 
          windshield, the apparatus also comprising, means for modulating             
          first mirrors of the array around a periphery of second mirrors             
          of the array generating the display, thereby surrounding the                
          periphery of the second mirrors on the deformable mirror device             
          with the first mirrors that are activated a smaller fraction of             
          the time than the second mirrors are activated, thereby softening           
          the edges of the display and the projected image to reduce                  
          perception of the double image by the vehicle operator.                     
                                   THE REFERENCES                                     
                    The following references were relied on by the                    
          Gross                    2,750,833           June 19, 1956                  
          Lasher et al. (Lasher)   4,486,785           Dec.  4, 1984                  
          Ott                      4,680,579           July 14, 1987                  
          Iino                     4,804,836           Feb. 14, 1989                  

          THE REJECTIONS                                                              
                    Claims 10, 29 and 33 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.               


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