Ex parte ERSKINE et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 96-0550                                                          
          Application 07/960,148                                                      

          sampling of an image in a telecommunication system (Col. 2, lines           
          7-9).  Video data is first compressed and sent over a low                   
          bandwidth channel (Col. 1, lines 60-64).  The data is first                 
          digitized by assigning a binary value to each picture element or            
          pel.  (Col. 1, lines 66-67).  As depicted in Figure 4, this                 
          assignment of a binary value to each element known as bilevel               
          sampling produces a stepped appearance when the video data is               
          reproduced.  To reduce the visual impact of the stepped edges,              
          Lasher teaches that gray-scale pels are selectively introduced              
          before the image is displayed (Col. 2, lines 50-53).                        
                    The examiner is of the opinion that:                              
                    ...Iino teaches that an optical                                   
                    projector apparatus is conventionally                             
                    used in automotive vehicles for head up                           
                    displayed-signals (see fig. 1).  Thus,                            
                    it would have been obvious to use the                             
                    optical instrumentation system taught by                          
                    Ott in the head up display environment                            
                    as taught by Iino...                                              
                    ...it would have been obvious to use the                          
                    teaching of Lasher in the device of Ott                           
                    modified to use gray scale to soften the                          
                    edges of the image so that the optical                            
                    quality of the perceived image could                              
                    have been improved.  ...since Ott                                 
                    already had the idea of modulating the                            
                    deformable mirrors to upgrade the                                 
                    perceived image, it would have been                               
                    certainly obvious ...to have been                                 
                    motivated to have modulated the                                   
                    deformable mirrors of [O]tt as modified                           


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